Speaker Alert


A speech timing application for all occasions: Toastmasters meetings, work presentations, stand up comedy spots or even that all important wedding speech.


Keep your meetings and speeches to time with clear, bright alerts.

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How it Works

1. Choose your timings


Choose from the pre-set speech profiles or create your own.

2. Start Speaking


Press play to start the timer and begin your speech

3. Get Alerts


The screen turns green when you reach your minimum time, amber as you approach your maximum and red when you reach your maximum time. Wrap up quick, before the screens starts flashing!

4. Get a Report


See full history for your meeting's timing to report back.



Preset Timings

Speaker Alert comes pre-loaded with timings for various occasions, including a standard set of Toasmasters speech and role timings.

Add Your Own Timings

Presets don't meet your needs? Create and edit your own timings with ease.

Demo Mode

Show your speakers what to expect with demo mode. Just shake your phone for the next light.

Vibration Alerts

Phone locked in your pocket while speaking? No problem, Speaker Alert will give you a buzz when you're at your time.

Apple Watch Support

Start and stop your speech and keep an eye on the time right on your wrist!

Show or Hide the Time Display

You can choose if the time is shown during a speech, to keep your speakers informed, or avoid distracting them.


Optionally start timing as soon as you load a speech profile for quick-draw speeches.


Free to download, no ads and no in-app purchases.